About Us



From humble beginnings in 1993, Shop Graphics has grown to be one of Adelaide’s premier joinery companies. Located in Lonsdale, we are a team of professional and skilled individuals who are proud of our work and take pride in everything we do.

We have a dedicated team of craftsmen and apprentices, led by the master craftsman and company owner.  He ensures that all work performed at Shop Graphics meets his very high standards.

Our drafting team includes fully qualified and experienced cabinet makers who have spent many years on the tools. Bringing your designs and drawings to life is where this experience shines through. Our team knows the most elegant and efficient way to construct your joinery and are often seen on the factory floor making sure it is constructed to their standards.

Shop Graphics has expanded to keep up with industry demands. All jobs are shop drawn in CAD prior to customer approval.  Once approved, they are forwarded to our CNC router to be accurately cut. This CAD / CNC combination and the exceptional skills of our team enables Shop Graphics to meet the tight deadlines that are expected in today’s construction climate without compromising on quality.